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I've been trying to find some sort of tutorial but I can't seem to come across one. [email protected]: Are you planning one using some sort of framework, or are you coding this from scratch?

Ren'py has a Dating Simulation Engine: that can handle some of the basic coding.

For some reason I'm not totally comfortable with the narrator saying "I did this, I did that", but that might be because I grew up on Western text adventure games that tell you, "You are in a cave. You are likely to be eaten by a grue, etc." But it seems most dating sims are written in first person. Would you find it preferable or too jarring to have a 2nd person perspective? It seems intimidating to write out my entire plot and dialogue right into Ren Py code right away. tips for a beginner - write a visual novel, not a dating sim, dating sims are complicated!

Is there a preferred application people use to write out their story? I tend to go into second-person mode when doing RPG-styled gameplay.

Learning to finish (or better yet, finish to a deadline) is probably the most useful skill you can have. It's the artwork that is the most time consuming right now..and legs are hard to draw for me!

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